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Puppy Agreement


 Terms and Agreements:

1. The cockapoo is an energetic, intelligent and loving small to medium dog breed. 

This dog was bred as a companion animal, and no rights are transferred that this dog is for show or breeding. Training and exercise is a must.

Cedar Ranch is not responsible for any behavioral issues due to lack of attention and training. Buyer understands that the first week with the new puppy will be a time of transition into a new life and that lots of love, patience, and gentleness will make it go smoothly for both the Buyer and the puppy. 

 The Seller does not guarantee the adult size, or weight, body conformation, coat quality, coat color, markings or bite.


2. Deposit, Payment of Purchase, Fees

Buyer has paid a deposit of $300.00, to be applied to the total payment of $_________.____ due upon release of the Dog to Buyer. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Buyer will forfeit the deposit and any rights to the Dog if the Buyer fails to complete the purchase of the Dog for any reason, or the Buyer fails to pay the remaining balance of the Purchase Price upon the pick up of the puppy.

In the event that the Puppy is not available due to sickness, or any other circumstance at the cause of the Breeder, Buyer’s deposit can be transferred to the next litter of puppies or any available puppies at the time.

If the Puppy is not picked up within the agreed upon date, the contract is void and the Seller retains all monies paid up to that point.


3. Buyer Agrees puppy is in good health at time of sale. 

     The Buyer will have 72 hours after receiving their puppy in which to have the puppy examined by their own veterinarian at buyers sole cost. If the puppy is found to be ill by a licensed veterinarian and is to be returned due to illness, a letter from the veterinarian is required. This includes death or illness from any health condition deemed to be present prior to leaving the Breeder’s premises. Buyer shall assume any expenses associated with returning the puppy to the seller. The Breeder will, at the Breeder's discretion, return the dog to the buyer in healthy condition, OR exchange the dog for another dog of equal value. Under no circumstances will the Breeder be responsible for any veterinary expenses incurred by the buyer.


  • The Dog will reside with Buyer. The Buyer will ensure adequate fencing and space will be provided for the Dog, and will not allow the Dog to roam at will. 

Buyer will provide the Dog with nutritious food and necessary veterinary care, including deworming, heartworm prevention and regular vaccinations (including rabies which is required by law in the state of Texas).


  • The Buyer agrees he/she is not acting as an agent for any other person or business in the purchase of the Dog. The Buyer will not sell, give, or release the Dog to a pet shop, retail store, Dog dealer, animal testing facility, research facility, or an agent for any such business or facility.


4. Sellers Representations and Warranties to Buyer

    Buyer agrees that they have thoroughly researched the Cockapoo breed, and understand the health issues they can possess. The Buyer is responsible for all medical costs of their puppy. 

The Dog is in good health and free of communicable diseases at the time of this sale.  This Guarantee does not cover Cherry eye, Entropion, Ectropion, Allergies, undescended testicles, luxating patellas and leg perthes, hypoglycemia, elongated soft palate, umbilical hernia, dermatitis, demodectic mange, coccidia and giardia or any other illness that is treatable and not considered life threatening. Seller will NOT refund the cost of the puppy due to heat stroke, abuse/neglect. 

If the puppy should die due to a Congenital or Hereditary defect within the 3 days period, the Seller will replace the puppy with another like puppy at no cost to the buyer within a timely manner. The Seller must receive proof in the form of a complete autopsy report completed by a licensed veterinarian and performed at the Buyer’s expense stating cause of death. The Seller may request to have an independent Autopsy performed at Seller’s expense. 


5.  Buyer agrees not to breed this dog. 

This puppy will be registered with limited registration and spaying/neutering is required by 1 year of age. 


6. If the buyer no longer wishes to own or care for their puppy, it must be returned to Breeder. 

In the event that the buyer no longer wants the puppy, or the buyer cannot fulfill the terms of this Contract, Breeder agrees to either assist Buyer in finding another suitable home where the dog will receive proper care OR the puppy must be returned to Cedar Ranch Cockapoos (Kennie and Andrea Brown). The puppy may not be sold or traded, nor placed in any sort of shelter or rescue organization. There will be no refund of transactions. 


7. Buyer releases Seller from any and all liability, costs or damages caused by the Dog after placement with Seller, including but not limited to damage to or destruction of property, and injury to any person.


8. Limitation of Action

Any action or claim brought by Buyer against Seller for breach of this Agreement or for loss due to negligence must be brought within one (1) year of the date such claim or loss occurs.


9. Entire Agreement

This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties. Seller and Buyer have made no other agreements, promises, representations or warranties, expressed or implied, unless specifically stated in this Agreement.



No guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, are given by the Breeder, Cedar Ranch Cockapoos (Kennie and Andrea Brown), except those stated above. 


Signature of Buyer



____________________________________            ________



Signature of Seller    


____________________________________            ________                    

Kennie & Andrea Brown

Cedar Ranch Cockapoos


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