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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does all that F1, F2, F2b, etc. mean?

These terms are used to explain the type of generational cross found in a Cockapoo. "F1" is a first generation cross, meaning one Poodle parent and one Cocker Spaniel parent bred and created the F1. 

"F2" means second generation. An F1 Cockapoo and an F1 Cockapoo bred and made an F2. The "b" would denote a breed back. That means a Cockapoo has been "bred back" to a pedigree Poodle or Cocker Spaniel. We have included a chart from the British Cockapoo Society that will help explain this visually.

  • Which Cockapoo Generation is better?


Before we dive into this question we first want to say that this question is answered MOSTLY based on opinion.  But our goal as cockapoo breeders is to try to develop a true breed of dog that embodies all the qualities of the perfect cockapoo. 

Credit: British Cockapoo Society
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